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Sensei Jascha earns Shodan in Kobudo!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Mike Airton from Campbell River Shito-Ryu and Jascha Espley from PoCo Karate both passed their Shodan (1st degree black belt) examinations in Victoria, BC this past weekend (May 28, 2023). This was the first Satoha Kobudo dan grading and was held during the 75th Satoha Shito-Ryu Brown and Black Belt workshop.

Participants were asked to demonstrate kihon (basics), basic kata, traditional kata, and kumite with a partner for three different weapons.

In addition to three basic katas, Sensei Jascha also performed these traditional katas:

Sakugawa no Kon Sho

Tsukenshitahaku no Sai

Tozan no Kama

When asked, Sensei Jascha stated that "Besides a couple bruised knuckles and utter exhaustion, the grading went very smoothly". He also noted that there were quite a few spectators, and hoped that the event had sparked some additional interest in this often neglected and vitally important part of a Karate student's training.

For anyone interested in learning about Kobudo, PoCo Karate offers classes on three Saturday mornings each month. Contact Sensei Jascha for more information.

Left to right: Mike Airton, Sensei Roy Tippenhauer, Soke Akira Sato, Sensei Jascha Espley

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