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Free Karate Class - PoCo Sports Festival -July 15th @ 1pm at Gates Park.

Updated: Sep 16

As a member sports club of the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance, PoCo Karate will be offering a FREE Karate class as part of the PoCo Sports Festival on July 15th @ 1pm. The class will be held on Grass Field #1 at Gates Park, Port Coquitlam.

Participants may sign up on site at our booth on Grass Field #1. Space in the class will be limited. Anyone is welcome to watch.

We will do a light 40 minute class with an introduction to some Karate basics, followed by a short demonstration from some of our students.

For more information about all events being offered at the festival, please check out the details on the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance website:

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