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Kobudo at PoCo Karate

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Kobudo translates to "Ancient Martial Way" and is the art of tradiational Okinawan weapons. PoCo Karate teaches Satoha Kobudo, which is a direct descendant of the teachings of Moden Yabiku, Taira Shinken, and Sakagami Ryusho. In fact, our prior grandmaster, Sakagami Ryusho was the first person granted a Shihan (Master instructor) license by Taira Shinken in Ryukyu Kobudo in May 1960, and later promoted to Hanshi 8th Dan in 1963.

Students at PoCo Karate will be gradually introduced to the safe handling and practical applications of 5 core weapons while they are progressing through the beginner ranks (White Belt to Brown Belt).

Bo - The most practical of the weapons is introduced first. A hardwood staff.

Nunchaku - An ancient weapon originating in Southern China. In Okinawa, it was often improvised from a horse bridle or a tool for threshing rice.

Sai - A truncheon type of weapon originally brought to Okinawa by Chinese officials. The Sai we utilized by security and policing groups in Okinawa. Used as a pair, and sometimes with a 3rd spare on the belt.

Tonfa - Another weapon originating in Southern China. The chinese translation literally means "little cane/crutch". In Okinawa, one improvised source of the weapon was a mill handle. Used as a pair.

Kama - A common straight bladed sickle used in Okinawa farming and household gardening. Used as a pair.

Other more advanced weapons that are studied later include: Eku bo, Surujin, Rochin/Tinbe, and Tekko.

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