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PoCo Karate joins the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

In an effort to promote lifelong sport and activity in our community, we have joined the Port Coquitlam Sports Allliance.

We are excited to bring our expertise in traditional and sport karate to the table to assist the sporting community as well as to learn from the many qualified experts that already representing other sports clubs.

About the Port Coquitlam Sports Alliance (PoCo Sport):

"PoCo Sport aims to be the “one single voice for sport” that services the entire local sport community. The voice is inclusive for all athletes balancing the needs of both young and old as well as recreational to elite. There was an expressed need for a well organized group to act as the “glue” between sport clubs, city programs and policies, and the school district. "

"PoCo Sport has brought together local experts in community recreation and sport business to service our community. The staff and board have extensive experience in: policies and procedures, club building, event management, sponsorship, retail sales, public and media relations, coaching, officiating, athlete development, and pathway programming."

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